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Improved Marketing

Send Targeted Email Campaigns

Download Fresh, Super Targeted Leads From Two Of The Biggest Social Medias, With A Single Push Of A Button - And You Can Do That As Often As You Like!

- And Send Them All An Email With A Push Of Another Button - That's TARGETED Email Advertising That Pays!



Grab INSTANTLY 10.000 Super Leads you can upload into the sending app, and send them all a message with your offer!

+ Get your membership today and get FREE access to 140 super fresh and HOT business leads each and every day - these hot prospects are ready to invest in YOUR business!




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Dear Internet Marketer!

Have you ever tried email marketing? Maybe you have, but have you ever tried super targeted email advertising that really pays?

The absolutely no. #1 way to get targeted website visitors and make money online is TARGETED EMAIL MARKETING!

What is Super Targeted Email Advertising...?

Let's say you are an affiliate of a fat loss product and you want to get visitors to a website you found on Clickbank and now you want to make some sales..

What you now need to do is to send an email to a lot of people all interesting in fat loss products or people who wants to lose weight - that's super targeted email marketing and now you will make sales!

There is no need to send an email to thousands of people looking for a business opportunity or something like that - you will NOT get visitors to your site and you will NOT make any money from that email campaign!

With this 'system' you will be able to download hundreds or even thousands of super targeted leads from social medias like Facebook and Twitter directly to your desktop with a simple mouse click - and you can do that every day as many times a day as you like and these leads are all fresh and ready to use right away!

How does it work...

From inside the members area all you need to do is to download 2 small desktop app - 1 to get the targeted leads - and 1 to do the sending process (in fact you have 4 sending systems to chose from)..

Then all you need to do is to activate the lead app. and in a few minutes you have a batch of super targeted leads! Then add all the leads into app. 2 and write an email and click "send"...

That's it - it will take you no more than 10 - 20 minutes from now to start your own super targeted email marketing campaign - and you can do that as many times a day you like, every single day!

Don't delay - start getting targeted visitors to your site or affiliate link and get access to some serious buyers in just minutes from now!

 ONLY $20 



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If you don't get instant access after payment, just use the support link above!

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Refunds: Due to the instant nature of the product and digital product bonuses we have a "no refund policy'. All Sales are Final . Price Is Subject To Change At Any Time. Price Is Currently $9.99 (USD) Which Gets You Access To members area! If you do not agree to our refund policy, please don't purchase!