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 Free Crypto Sites

Open this page in a new window and bookmark it as I will be updating it with new paying sites as I test them





CoinAdShare - Just launched, earn upto 3.5% per day and upto 200% returns. Tons of advertising with each pack, packs start from $2, no surfing required to earn


My Passive Trades - Packs cost $5 and return 125%, min deposit is $10. Get free advertising with each pack, no surfing required to earn 


Diversity Fund Club - Packs cost $25 & $50 and return 120% & 125% respectively. No need to click to earn but you can click on the business directory ads to earn a few cents!





Hashing Ad Space - Join free and earn with 'View to Earn' and then stake your Asimi to earn more.






Buy / Exchange / Store Crypto







Diversity Fund Club