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So How Did I Manage To Pay For My Upgrades 1 By 1

I Tell You The Only Difference Between You And Me Is That

I Surf For Cash And Credits Yes I Just Dont Surf For Credits

Why is That

Simple Earning Credits Will Not Earn You Cash Period Thats That

Thats Where You Go Wrong Your Just Simply Surfing For Credits

And Waiting For A Member To Join You

So You Could Start Earning Commission

And Im Guesing That Your Members Is Just A Free Member

Just Like You Because Of That Your Just Earning Credits

For Traffic Not A Single Cash

Don't Get This Wrong You Do Need Credits For Traffic

But If Your Starting Without Cash

Then Your Going Nowhere If You Just Surf For Credits

You Need Cash To Upgrade So You Could Enjoy

Large Commissions And Other Great Benifits


Thats Why Im Going To Teach You Where To Get This Easy Cash

Well Its Not That Easy Get Real You'll Have To Work For It

Anyway it Takes Only 7-12hrs Of Your Time if You Do Everything What Ive

Been Doing Here - Hours You'll Be Consuming

For My No.1 Source of Income About -1-2 Hrs - Fast Internet Just 1hr

Next Safelist - Just Around 1-2hrs

PTC Sites  - Just Around 1-2:30 If You'll Be Clicking Everything

Traffic Exchange - 4-6hrs

Why is My Time Like That - When My Internet Speed Is Slow Ofcourse

It Takes More Time My Internet Speed Is Just Around 3Mbs

Thats Pretty Slow And Its Not Constant Im In The Philippines

Very Slow Internet And Worst It Goes To 1 Mbs For Weeks Or Months

Thats When I Cry Hahahaha


Well Technically Its Hard To Find A Site That You Can Surf For Cash And

Then Get Paid Yes I Know Ive Been There

I Know How Hard It is

However I'm Gonna Show You Those Sites Where You Can

Really Withdraw Easy Cash For Real

No Gimmicks No Tricks And Free But Some Might Require You To Upgrade

First Before Youll Get Paid 


This Is A Fact And Very Real You'll Be Earning Around 20-25 Cents Just By

Surfing Traffic Exchange Around 200-1000 Pages Also Its Constant Cash

Reading Mails Just Around - 50 Mails - 0.06, 0.08-0.09

Not Some Lucky Cash Where The Cash Is Shown Randomly

That Will Take Lots of Months Around 9 Months Or A Year Before You

Could Actually Cashout The Cash Thats Why I Hate Random Cash

This Has Nothing To Do With Winning Weekly Jackpot Not Everyone

Can Win Those Well I Surely Envy Those Who Win Constantly There


A Sneak Preview Of What Your Earnings Will Be If You Follow And Join The Sites

So The Fun Part This Is What You Earn Its Not Much

But Its Your Ticket To Your Upgrades - Which Leads To Your Success

Depending On How You Use The Money

Note I Haven't Included Your Commissions On Your Ref's This Is Just

What You Earn If You Click Or Read Mails Everyday This Is A Calculation

Of All The Steady Ones - Also The Earning In PTC Is Not Included In

The Calculation As Well - Meaning You'll Be Earning More Than The

Calculation That I Have Putted Here


Your Cashout Days Just 20Days - 2Months - 4 Months

Thats Half Of What Your Doing Now Or Worse Not A Single Dime

20 Days Will Earn $10

2 Months Will Earn You $21 - Safelist

4 Months Will Earn You 14 Dollars - Safelist

4 Months Traffic Exchange - $20-$40 Right Now The Constant 1 is $20

Now Then Lets Compute Your Earnings

In A Month Not Exactly A Month In 20 Day

You'll Earn $10

The Next Month

You'll Be Earning $10 + $21 = $31

The Next Month 

You'll Be Earning $10 + $21 + $20 Or $40 = $51 Or $71

The Total Of Your Earnings With In 4 Months

Is $10 + $42 + 14 + $51 Or $71 = $126 or $146

Now Get My Point You Cannot Earn Cash By Just Simply Surfing For

Credits You Need To Surf For Cash

And Start Upgrading Your Account So You Could

Start Earning 50%-100% Commissions Not Just 10% Commission

Thats A Big Difference From Free Members To Upgrade Members

And You Get Lots Of Benifits When You Upgrade Thats A Fact


However Dont Just Stay Back There Not Teaching Your Refs

Let Them Do What Your Doing

So You Could Start Raking Up Those Commission

Teach Them They'll Follow You

They'll Be Able To Upgrade 1 At Time Just Like You

And When They Do You Start Earning Commissions


I'm In Constant Search For Easy Surf For Cash

Which Can Be Easily Cashout In 1Months-4Months

Some Facts - At Some Point Some Site Will Close Or

Will Stop Paying Thats Why Im In Constant Search For New Ones

So Make Sure To Check My Site From Time To Time For More

Ill Be Posting More Surf For Cash

And Remove The Ones Thats No Longer Paying


To Your Success,

Michael Rimando


Sadly To Say The Surf For Cash Is No Longer Available
For New Members
But You Can Still Spend Your Credits For Free Upgrades
In 28 Sites