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Don't Just Say 'boo' To The ID Theft Boogeyman

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This year we learned that no institution is safe from hackers: not the U.S. government, not health insurance companies—not even children's toys. In 2016, cybersecurity will be an increasingly critical problem for companies, governments, and individuals - especially Top Celebrities.

According to USA TODAY, while everyone is vulnerable to identity theft, children and elderly people are targeted more than others, although for different reasons. According to Toporoff, children are prime targets because their information is readily available as it is stored within a school system. In addition, almost no one monitors a child's credit report. This means a child's stolen identity can often be used for years before the misuse is even detected.

Elderly Americans are vulnerable to identity theft for a host of reasons. They are targeted because often they have more money than younger Americans. They also tend to have more contact with medical establishments, with multiple specialists, and with multiple people such as caretakers entering their homes more often. This may partly explain the nation-leading rate of identity thefts in Florida, where nearly 19% of the population was 65 and over in 2013, the highest proportion in the country.

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