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How to earn on My Free Shares?

Members can earn by visiting two type of ads, cash and share ads. In your statistics you will see separately cash balance and share balance as well:

Shares generate daily cash earnings. The more shares you have the higher your daily income will be. You don’t have to click ads every day to earn from shares:

Free Members - Cash ADS daily earning is about $0.045 (reset after 24 hours from last click):

myfreeshares ptc

Buy shares with accumulated cash to speed up your earning process:

Every few months invest time and money in one month Bronze or Silver upgrade to collect more shares. It will increase daily income significantly. Example: with "Yearly Silver" you receive 200 shares each 1st. of the month during membership, 200 shares x 12 months = 2400 shares!

Once you have good number of shares start withdrawing part of earnings and another part keep reinvesting. Current good deal is $1.34 for 10 shares:

Payments are done automatically every 2 weeks once you reach $10. All major payment processors accepted:

Minimum is little bit too high but once when you collect enough shares it doesn’t take too long to get there. This is one of those programs that you have to place into long term frame. It requires time and work but over time it will become beneficial as regular earner on daily bases without much effort. In the beginning try to collect as more shares as you can to speed up daily revenue. When share earnings are about enough to buy 10 shares every week or every few days, your income will become much more visible. Same as you can buy, you can sell your shares on the market.


Collecting more shares:

Share to signup is good way to earn quickly many shares.

Check offers list and you will find something that you can do easily:

Apart of this, if you are ready to invest in some of sponsored programs you can make very nice amount of shares:


How much you can earn from shares:

Daily income is about $0.03 per 100 shares. It will take some time to collect first 100 shares with your own clicks so upgrading once in few months would be something to consider. It will pay back and earn you money over time:


My Free Shares Referral Earnings:

MyFreeShares has 5 levels referral program. On first level you will earn 25% from your referrals clicks and 10 extra shares once your referral earn first $1.50. On second level you will earn 10%, on third 5% and so on five levels deep. Occasionally, there are promos when you will be rewarded with 1 share for each new referral signup. When there is this kind of referral reward system team builders are best possible choice because they build everyone’s downline progressively on higher levels.

(You will get 1 share free on joining)