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Founder membership benefits:

  • You get your own business and website.
    You get to sell memberships and ads.
    You get to sell Kule Coins.
    You get to keep 100% of the membership sales, 100% of the Kule Coin sales, and 50% of any Founder sales.
    You get a Member's Mailer so you can contact 9,500 random members daily.
  • You get 4 feature ads and 4 sponsor banner ads free forever and 10 link ads forever. That's more than enough advertising power to get you in profit fast. 
  • All your ads rotate at 100:1 ratio. Your ads get displayed 100's of times each day.
  • Your ads are blasted 100's of time daily to all affiliate pages in the network. This is huge visibility for your site. More visibility = more sales.
  • You get 285,000 Kule Coins a month and 1500 Kule Coins for each personal signup. These monthly Kule Coins cover all your daily mailings on the members mailer. Any left over Kule Coins can be offered to your free members as an incentive to upgrade. 
  • You also get a BONUS 10 million list building credits at Sokule when you order today. This will help you start building a separate list of potential customers. 


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