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Pay attention to the address

- check down there, 

You only need to buy the desired quantity JuicyBits & Growing your Bitcoins  25%



 Every 5 minutes, the Bitcoin Jackpot will be raffled by selecting 100 random winners for every 1 BTC accumulated. The amount of the prize will depend on the amount of JuicyBits you have in your account. The more JuicyBits you have the greater the prize is.

 JuicyBits Redemption

Each time you win, your JuicyBits balance will decrease (at a rate of 1 JuicyBit for every 0.0125 BTC earned). If you do not win, your JuicyBit balance will remain intact and will be used in the next draws.         

The Bitcoins won in the draws can be immediately transferred to your Bitcoin address. 

The used Bitcoins will become part of the jackpot of the next draw which takes place EVERY 5 MIN               

              This is a purely passive income.
- minimum investment 0.0025 BTC
Remember that the more you have JuicyBits , the more you will win Bitcoins.



                                                                         Withdraw instantly