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grandrevshare,118%,7 levels.from long-term Grand Clickers Ltd.


zenadvert,another new site from trusted Andy Seo.


ultimaterevshare,135%,12% ref commission.admin Tom Taylor.


foxclix,$0.05 per click.new from legit expresspaid team.468*60 Banner


clikdelivery,130%,very trusted Admin Ilyas Noukaila


nano-11,since 2014.up to 12% daily.


adboni,120% to 130%,admin Ivan Kaweono,from registered company.


nano-11,since 2014.up to 12% daily.


topshareglobal,fast revshare,admin Sarath Vavachan


nano-11,since 2014.up to 12% daily.


grmclix,135%,12% 7 levels.


ambeyfx,since 2015,1%-2% Daily for 180 Days,12% ref commission.


mypayingads,120%-150% profit.very trusted team.


forexparadise,430% return,22% ref reward.




forexparadise,430% return,22% ref reward.


mytrendingads,3% to 10% daily,12% ref commission.from RedzLord. 


forex-im,since 2014.120% after 1 day.


hashrevshare,120%,5levels,40% repurchase rule.


hashocean,since 2015,top site.



swissadspays,140%,$0.03 per click,10 levels.


betstar,5%,5.5%,6%,6.5%,7%,8% daily for 30 days.



myclickprofits,130%,5-7 levels.


billionearn,since 2014.




bit-hash,2.4%,2.64%,2.88% daily.10% ref commission.


traffichubb,130%,admin Ravi Kiran & Hassan Ahmed.


stefbux,free membership,up to $0.08 per click.long-term plan.


Beonpush,150% revshare+Binary.


adzpire,free premium,high profit.


ThePromoclub,112% profit,this site has 100% refund policy.


expresspaid,since 2014,Your Business In Your Hands!



futureadpro,120% profit,5 levels.


forexparadise,430% return,22% ref reward.


shareholdercompany,21%-66% monthly.Dutch Holding Company.


forexparadise,430% return,22% ref reward.


merchantshares,since 2007,globally 2014.ROI 150%.


vitalreturn,new,6% daily for 20 days,200% after 10 days.



paidverts,Long-term program.


forexparadise,430% return,22% ref reward.



adgainbucks,136%,3 levels.


btchourly,0.75% Hourly Forever.


ventureplugtraffic,135%,back on track.


 bitsrapid,1% daily.Ref Com.10%.




freedom5,500%,5levels.Earn 5 Times.Your Money


salipay,E-wallet & revshare.

Safety Depositary


trafficboot,155%,legit site.


investfond,since 2013,19% weekly.


mytrafficvalue,best crowdfunding site since 2010.


btstreet,2.0%-3.3% daily for 15-60 days.15% ref commission.




adsbiz,ROI 135% to 150%,over one year online.


pokeradv,since 2015.



recyclix,150%,20 Euros Sign Up Bonus.


nano-11,since 2014.up to 12% daily.


paidspot,143%,10% ref purchase,3% ref click,next paidverts.


feclix,very kind admin,paying smoothly.





scarlet-clicks,Elite site since 2009




cocktailinv,156% profit,6% daily for 26 Day.3 levels commission.


passive-earner,next generation crowd-funding goldmine!


coince,trusted for years.

Coince - Bitcoin Investment Solution



fortadpays,since 2014.Up to ROI 220%.


adzpire,free premium,high profit.


mxrevshare,ROI 110%,100% ref click.admin James Lee Valentine


expresspaid,since 2014,Your Business In Your Hands!



trafficmonsoon,110% ROI,100% ref click.must join site.

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program


crisclix.Trusted,paying for over one year.


poweradcash(new domain t4eo),125%,since 2014,Feel the power.


epicclix,trusted admin andy seo,registered company.


kooad,120%,same trusted admin as legit trafficboot


epicbux,new from trusted andy seo,sister of epicclix.




adhitprofits,sister site of must join trafficmonsoon.

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eldibux,New,very trusted admins Elvir & Dina.


ourtrafficpays,150%,10-level ref commission.Admin:David Jackson.


ptc1,Unlimited refs,sister site of legit okik.


clickintensitybiz,120%,7 levels,from Nick Johnson.



buxiso,custom script,various earning options.




scarlet-clicks,Elite site since 2009


compoundfund,from Jo(creator of mytrafficvalue & paidverts)




cliquebook,experienced admin,hot now.


edentraffic,130% Passive,100% ref click.


grandbux,great income,instant payments.


matebux,PTC+Revshare+social network,from evolutionscript.


 clixten,Legit site since 2012.


adclickxpress,many years' team,paying.


clixsense,the best PTC site since 2007.Guide here.



superduperrevshare,145% ROI,120% in 3 days.12% ref commission.


gptplanet,Elite site since 2010.


revsharestar,180%,15% ref commission.


hitleap,Since 2011,best auto surf site.


trafficdictator,120%.instant payment.


Top Hyip,contact us to Get high RCB bonus.


tigeradsmedia,115% to 155%,12% ref commission.


familyclix,Feel the love of the family.


nordicadz,135%,from Swedish owners.


okik,paying fast,low upgrade price.



unirevshare,125%, Officially Registered Uni network from Singapore.


buxvertise,trusted team,cheap upgrade price.


sharesthatcare,125% - 150%,55% Repurchase rule.from TT3 team.


silverclix,since 2013,siter site of goldenclix.


cushionrev,up to 200%,PTC+crowdfund+revshare,7 levels.



Elite Revshare,we offer high RCB.





4corners,since 2012,multi-levels,only $18 invest,promote,cashout.


website2share,globla web advertising LTD Based in the UK.


evolutionscript,the most popular PTC script.


revshareworks,Automatic Purchasing


getresponse,free trial,upgrade to use more fuctions.


myzoomads,150%,10% ref commission.


SFI,since 1998,grow a second income.


revenuecentral,up to 197%.Minimum cashout $3.00.



wealthyaffiliate,Online Business Starts Here



yougetprofit,Since 2013,2 levels,Sister of elite twickerz


cryptostability,3%,3.5%,4%,4.5%,5% daily for 70 business days.


myfreeshares,since 2004,oldest share site,free share.



firstincome,45% Daily For 3 Days,20% Daily For 15 Days,11% Daily For 300 Days,


adrevcash,115%,12% ref commission.


forexparadise,430% return,22% ref reward.


mycashtube,Get paid to advertise video ads.


dowerly,0.2-2.5% daily,since 2015.


revshareworks,Automatic Purchasing


florainvestment,since 2014.0.35%,0.4%,0.45%,15% daily.


m4t,earn by displaying ads on pages or blogs!



forexparadise,430% return,22% ref reward.


modestrevshare,150%,10 levels.


givmitrading,since 2015,3.2% daily,10 levels.


myadstory,125% profit.


global-market,1.5% daily,2.0% daily,2.5% daily.10% ref commission.


instantadbuzz,140%,3levels.One Time VIP Membership Upgrade $10!


hourbit,4%-5% hourly for 48 hours,3-level commission.


zukuladnetwork,3levles,from Jeremy Rush.Big prelaunch. 


hourlycoin,since 2015,5% hourly for 35 hours,200% after 1 days,800% after 3 days.3-level commission.



Paid2Work, 135%-200% daily,no membership.Admin: Mindy Moore.


forexparadise,430% return,22% ref reward.


MMM,120% passive,200% with tasks.  hot.problems.


forexparadise,430% return,22% ref reward.


relyonrev,110%-250%,bitcoin revshare.


forexparadise,430% return,22% ref reward.


diamondtrafficads,130%,12% ref commission.


investsun,2.5%,2.8%,3.0%,3.2% daily for 60 days.3-level commission.


triplethr3at,150%,admin Ray Scott.payment problem


megatraders,116%-300% after 5 days.




forexparadise,430% return,22% ref reward.


trafficnetworktakeover,admin:Ryan Hauser.


forexparadise,430% return,22% ref reward.



myincomeshares,6% daily,15% ref commission.minimum payout $2


roihour,since 2015,200% after 1 day,800% after 3 days.
10% ref commission.



grandrevshare,118%,7 levels.from long-term Grand Clickers Ltd.


tellmoney,5% for 33 business days.3-level commission.

 quickcycler,turn $5 into $10,again and again.Admin John WIlliams.


forexparadise,430% return,22% ref reward.


PWB,Turn $10 Into $220+. 8 new Spots On Cycling.


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