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The Most Affordable Advertising CO-OP

For $2.97 a month you will get 500+*) visits to your site. If that's not enough, you can: 1) buy additional visits, and/or 2) promote special co-op link. Every hit to your Co-Op link gets you a hit back to one of your sites from their network of 1,000's of sites. *) Twice every month they take 30% of their income from the previous 2 weeks and purchase advertising that they send to our sites! These Complimentary Traffic Purchases gave each Max Member almost 10,000 additional visits to their sites!

Happy advertising :)

So Many Hits is profitable for free members as well.

As a free member, when anyone in one of your traffic lines tops up (upgrades) their account, you will earn up to $20 - depending on the length of time the member chooses to top up their account. We can buy upgrades that will last: 60 days, 180 days, 1 year, or even 2 years. And these upgrades are very affordabe, they start with $27 for 60 days. Upgraded members can earn up to $50, (instead of up to $20) and also up to $30 as a 2nd tier commission. You will be paid 2nd tier commission if you are a pro and a free member in your traffic line (Tom) has in his traffic line a person who tops up their account, (if there's no other upgraded person between you and Tom). Pro So Many Hits members can also earn performance bonuses. After you open a Free Account, in your back office, you will see detailed explanations about everything.