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  Best Autosurf Traffic Exchange List 2017

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HitLeap  I get most of hits to my sites from this one. Pays big commissions for referring!
BeeHits  Join PRO for FREE - Never Pay Anything.   1:1 Surf Ratio, 3 Second Timer For FREE!
AlexaSurfing  Active and growing fast.
247autohits  Stable surfbar, delivers hits very fast
Ebesuche  German autosurf with big membership, geotargeting and other great features
Otohits   Very stable and active autosurf
AutoWebSurf   Great Autosurf, fast hits delivery
10KHits   Fast, Reliable Autosurf with Great Membership
Traffic Swarm

  Good Manual Traffic Exchange

FeelingSurf  Autosurf with huge membership and stable surfbar
GlobalBlaster  Stable surfbar, Fast hits delivery
Auto-Surf  German autosurf with big membership
Surfmore  German autosurf with big membership, very stable surfbar. Pays for surfing
ClickEvolution  Stable surfbar, Fast hits delivery
Le1er  Clean, Fast Autosurf
Hit4Hit.org  Fast, clean autosurf
AutosurfTraffic  Stable surfbar, delivers hits fast
Ablazetraffic  Fast, Reliable
AbcVisiteurs  Active French autosurf 
AlexaSurf  Stable surfbar, delivers hits very fast
AutosurfMyth  Active autosurf
GlobalEHits  Stable Autosurf


 Active French autosurf 
AutosurfExchanger  Fast Reliable Autosurf
TopAutoHits  Good New Autosurf

The Best Manual Traffic Exchange. Huge Membership. 1:1 Surf ratio.

 Earn 30 cents per 1000 pages and 10 cents/referral


A Very Good Manual Traffic Exchange.  Earn a Lot of Traffic by surfing!


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                        A GUIDE ON EFFECTIVE SURFING

Autosurf programs are one of the most effective means of promoting a website online, when you do it right. An best of all they are FREE to use.

For effective and secure surfing follow these instructions:

 1) Join the above autosurfs which have more members and are popular among surfers.

 2) Use the Multiple tab browsing facility by Firefox.

You can download the latest FREE version at:
Using the "bookmark all tabs" under "Bookmarks" you can
bookmark all your traffic exchanges under some desired folder name.
Next time when you come online, you simply select this folder and click "open all in tabs". With one click, all your autosurfs are open in tabs.

  3) To improve your results greatly, use splash pages - quickly loading pages with a short message and a link pointing to your site. You can easily create and host splash pages for free at THIS SITE (This is also a great manual traffic exchange with 1:1 surfing ratio)

 4) Surf  up to 20 autosurfs at the same time so that to earn credits quickly


 Edit your browser settings so that:

 1) You are prompted with a screen message EVERY time a site you browse attempts to download a file.

 2) Pop-ups are blocked

 3) Java and javascript are enabled

 4) Cookies are enabled

In Firefox you'll find these settings by clicking on "tools" at the top of your browser window and then clicking on "Options". The settings I mentioned above can be found in the submenu items of "Downloads", "Content", and "Privacy".

I also highly recommend that you obtain the "Noscript" extension for Firefox. To do this click on the "Tools" tab and then click on the "Extensions" link in the drop down tools menu. You will then see a popup window.

Click on the link at the bottom of the popup window that says: "Get Extensions". Scroll down to the bottom of the page that appears and you will see a search bar under the heading "Find More Add-Ons". Type the following in the search bar;"NoScript" and click "Search". Download this free program , then close and restart Firefox.

Firefox with the "NoScript" add-on will protect you from 90%+ of whatever bad or annoying stuff you come across on the Internet.
It will also make it MUCH nicer to autosurf and create less load on your computer since it will refuse to load active content from any site that you have not specifically setup as a "trusted" in "NoScript" settings.

Just make sure you "allow" the traffic exchanges you are using, or the surf bar won't work.
This is extremely EASY (one click) to do, and once you install it and start using it, you'll wonder how you ever surfed without it.

Happy Surfing


  INVEST in GOLD or SILVER With a TRUSTED U.S. Company (BBB A+ Rating), Rollover

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