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 Just 2 People Gives You 1500 ETH Every 100 Days    


For those that want something different,new, and want
to get ahead of everyone else this is the next craze
online and it is heavy in the outlined countries like
russia, africa, UK, USA, India, which means increased
sales. But this is what I could make of it so far:

* No Admin involved
* 100% Decentralized DAPP
* Peer-2-Peer payments
* With only 0.03 Eth ($5)
* Earn 1500 Eth Every 100 Days
* With Capital of only $5
* Fully Automated Withdrawals
* Only 2 reffer required for everyone*
* Impossible to Scam
* Impossible to be Hacked
* Can never be removed unless Blockchain dies

The minimum start is only 0.03 Ethereum, which is $5.
You Just Need 2 people to get start with building team
You can earn 36.3 Ethereum ($4640) and repeat this
income every month with the same team!