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If you are not already doing this, you are missing out on free easy money. While it is not a get rich quick opportunity, it is a way to make real money all day long with the opportunity to cash out every single day!


1. Sign up for an account. It's free and never cost anything. No upgrades ever!

2. Go to the “Earn Money” tab. A drop down menu will appear. At the very bottom, click on the link that says “Engage Videos”.

3. Now all you have to do is open up one of the video tabs and just let the videos run on your computer all day. 

There are very interesting videos and you can watch them all day or NOT. Cooking videos, How to videos, Movie trailers, etc. All you really have to do is let them play in an open browser. If you have two computers, you can easily double your income because they have videos from two different advertisers so you can have a browser open playing Smores Videos and then a different browser playing Engage Videos. I do encourage you to watch some of the videos. Many are very interesting with very interesting topics however to earn money all you really have to do is have them playing in your browser. 


That’s it! Easy money that you can cash out every single day! SEE PAYMENT PROOF