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STAGGERING Amounts of Money can be Made Here!

And REALTORS get an EXTRA 2% on the Whole Deal!

Are you a Realtor?...EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT can Join WITHOUT ANY LICENSE....

Get this TO your Realtor Friends AFTER you Join if you are buying a HOME or not AND NEED DOWN PAYMENT..!


You need to join ME in this- AND join with me in the ORU payment processor..

(if you want to get paid, that's how they are going to do that)

Non-Repayable Grants Available for Down Payment and Closing Costs 

for residential mortgages from:

Real Estate Mortgage Grants and Down Payment Assistance, Inc.,
a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Close in 30-45 Days with $0.00 or Little out of Pocket.

 Keep in mind that this is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the backing of FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, etc.

This is a down-payment assistance grant, gov-backed FHA, VA or conventional mortgage. 

There's NO charge to apply for mortgage grant.  

No broker fees.  No application fees.  There are restrictions and qualifications.


And there's NO charge or Monthly fee to be an Affiliate to share this opportunity and help others.

There would be no charge at all from the 501 (c) (3) Funding Org..

But obviously, we are IN a 3rd party company bringing the people TO the Funding Org..
and THEY Require the $175 Doodle video..


The PAY?.. Glad you asked!

1st generation referral fees (payment to YOU..)
is $750 per approved referred grant.

(not per successful "deal" or home closure- simply paid on each Grant Qulifying person)


Plus referral fees travel down  8-levels !

$750 level 1

​2nd level: $500, 
​3rd level: $450,
​4th level: $400, 
​5th level: $350, 
​6th level: $300, 
​7th level: $250, 
​8th level: $200.


The WAY the Company will PAY you is through ORU payment processor..

that you MUST join if you want to get paid..

More about that Later- You may already be a member of ORU..

not to be worried about NOW..

It will coes @ $34 to get set up with ORU- you will be shown after you are IN..


I want to show you a SLIDE Show of the Company..

The Info-Mercials are talked about on Slide 23..

COMMISSIONS Shown - Slides 26 - 31


Ready to Start?

Click the RED Box here..

Go to BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY or Home-Owner Info..

Depending on Which you want to do-
Make a Boat-Load of Money..OR..Get a Home..OR both!

On the Sign-Up Form..
The Box "Replicated Associate Website" ..

they just want to know what you want as your USERNAME in your Link..


OH yes, and go look in your SPAM for my Auto-Responder message,

and give me permission to communicate periodically about this!