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Here's what you need to do:
- 1st you need signup PTCSHARE or Paidvert , this offer working for both sites.  I'm discussing ptcshare here
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- If you already done then see instruction below for ptcshare: (And try  yourself for Paidvert, it's the same process)



You complete at least one offer, you receive an addition 1% bonus per day with a maximum 100% bonus. If you complete 1 offer 100 days in a row, you will be at the 100% bonus level (Note: Once you miss a day, your start over at 0%.)

This is a chart of how to increase your bonus. You can earn up to $ 10 after completing 100%

Here's what you need to do:  Answer only 40 quizzes, see an example below 

How to Start this offer Note: You must view a total of 50 ptcshares ads before start this offer 


A BROWSER(Like google chrome) THAT PAYS FOR USING IT !!! 1st $1 download bonus.

How to work:
Open this link  or click the left banner>> https://netbox.global


1. Download 
2. Signup 
3. leave the open page for 1 hour then you will get $1 bonus (20 NBX which one you can cashout through >> https://app.stex.com)

More earning growing by:
-join telegram (Check daily upate news from telegram)
- For create wallet
- Weekly bonus
- Monthly bonus
- Also earn using this browser (i.e: watching youtube, google search. You can use it just like google chrome)


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