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Clixsense…. Online money earning opportunity!

Today I’m going to talk about Clixsense. A site that you can make extra cash by doing surveys or mini-tasks.


This site is a legit paying site. And you can actually make a decent amount of money every month doing easy stuff. What do I mean by easy stuff, you ask? Keep reading and you shall find out!

  • Surveys: Surveys are the main source of earnings on this site. Number of surveys you can find on this site depends on your demographic information like your country, gender and age. you can do as many surveys as you like.
  • Offers: Another earning method is to complete offers either Clixsense offers or any of the site sponsors offers and there are actually a lot of sponsors and offers but still, number of offers depends on your demographic location. But let me tell you about Radio Loyalty. it is one of the Clixsense offers and all you have to do is open the online radio site and listen to music, Then you’ll have to solve RECAPTCHA every 30 minutes. It’s not really high paying but it is so easy and you actually get to listen to music while working on the site. Personally I open it first thing when I log in and just keep it on the background.
  • Mini-tasks: This is my favourite earning method. You get paid to do mini tasks on CrowdFlower, This is really a gold mine, every task can be completed in less than 10 minutes and you just keep going. You can easily make 5 – 10 dollars every day just with CrowdFlower. And then when your accuracy is high and after you complete a specific number of tasks you get promoted and gain your 1st badge. And that will get you more tasks and more importantly, more PAYING tasks.
  • Referring people: Finally you get paid whenever you bring new members to the site. Your friends, family or your social media friends. The more people you bring to the site, the more money you’ll earn.

When you make $10 , you can cashout.

What are you waiting for. creat your free account now and start earning extra cash. Just click on the following link:

Create a free account on Clixsense and start earnig!

You get your payment either with Payza, Payoneer, Skrill or Tango card. If you don’t already have Payza or Payoneer account you can create one for free. Here:

Get a Payza account for free! Click here.

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Good luck!