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Easy Cash Breakthrough

Erik Gustafsson

My name is Erik Gustafsson and I have created this strategy to enable YOU to make a BREAKTHROUGH in your efforts to earn CASH online by using a very simple yet powerful formula that will put you right on track to earn an ever growing stream of residual cashflow, without any startup costs. 

This strategy works in 2 steps:

  1. Get Paid For Your Actions
  2. Attract Referrals To Do The Same

So let's begin.

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 1. Get Paid For Your Actions

To earn the most money for your actions this step have 2 tools that will allow you to make several dollars per day just for your own actions.

  1. Clixsense
  2. Neobux

In Clixsense focus your actions on completing as many surveys as you can, you will find them in the Surveys-section and some more in the Offers-section. Also make sure to complete the Daily Checklist to get up to 16% bonus.

In Neobux focus on completing as many Minijobs as you can, they are delivered by Crowdflower and the more you do the more you will be able to do since they have a quality score. It is also important that you click the 4 or 9 ads that are mandatory every day to earn from your referrals actions.

2. Attract Referrals To Do The Same

Clixsense gives you 20% commission and Neobux gives you 12% commission on the earnings of your referrals (at no extra cost to them of course), so to make even more money you want to attract referrals, and to do that you need traffic.

  1. LeadsLeap
  2. TrafficAdBar
  3. EasyHits4U

LeadsLeap let you earn traffic credits by surfing and rating ads, and the longer you stay the more credits you earn, but you do need to keep focus on the ad that you are surfing. Another way to earn credits is to show ads on your website. You will also earn credits from the actions of your referrals up to 10 levels down. The traffic that you get from LeadsLeap will have a higher conversion ratio that you are likely to see anywhere else in generated website traffic.

TrafficAdBar is a Traffic Exchange (TE) with a 1:1 surf ratio that will bring you a lot of traffic, in addition to earning traffic Hits when surfing you will also earn Points that are used in the level ladder and the higher you are ranked the more extra traffic you will get, plus you will also get additional points from your referrals surfing.

EasyHits4U is a TE where you surf for credits (1:1 ratio) that you can use for traffic and you will also earn credits from your referrals surfing up to 6 levels down.

Now in your EasyHits4U account go to Easy Splash Builder and create a website similar to this one (no coding skills needed), and send the traffic that you get to that website. This will get you referrals and it will also give them a system to follow that will make sure that they also make money, and therefore are less likely to quit.

Easy Splash Builder have some basic tracking built in that you can use to track your results if you want to, or you could use The Real Tracker that is part of your LeadsLeap account (in my opinion the best free tracker out there).

You will also notice that you can upgrade several of these tools and that will enable you to get more out of them as well as earning you a higher commission from your referrals when they upgrade. My advice is that you upgrade when you feel the time is right for you, and you have the cashflow to support it.


Easy Cash Breakthrough

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Thank You!

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that you will have good use of it.

Erik Gustafsson
Paid Action Profits (My blog)