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Pay $0 GET 10000 HITS

This is how you surf 17 sites every 20 seconds


Clicking on any of these images will open it in the next tab. Click HERE to see the YouTube video.

Automatically switches to the next tab after you click. Surf 13+ sites at once Use EASYHITS4U to get a page like this to promote whatever you would like 1:1 ratio 5 levels deep 1:1 ratio 5 levels deep
SAFELIST and TRAFFIC EXCHANGE rolled up into one. Surf 50 pages a month to get unlimited views 1:1 ratio. Log in everyday for the weekly prize Surfing Lords of Lothar with Powercashstream,lobbyhits amd tophits4u at the same time causes all 4 sites to hit the MAXIMUM GPS SURF RATO BONUS Which is a 1:1 surf ratio plus bonus after awhile. It will be a long day but it is 10000 hits which will get you 2 referrals for your site Auto assign your site 3 times at 33 33 and 34 % Go to your profile in each exchange and enter your affiliate ID # for each partner site


Use QUICK TAB CHANGE to press one button to go to the next tab.


Use TRAFFICBROWSER to surf 7-15 POPULAR sites at once


Only surf the TE's with the LEVELS (TIERS) When YOU get a referral, I get a referral. When your referral gets a referral then YOU get a referral. When your referral's referral gets a referral then you BOTH get a referral.

Only surf the TE's with 1:1 4:3 or 2:1 ratios.

The traffic exchanges (TE's allow you to post your website. If you look at (surf) another persons website, other people look at your site. You get credits which you use to get a "hit"

"surfing" many sites at once gets you many hits. You only want to surf TE's that give you a hit for each site that you surf.

You want a levels and tiers structure so that you and your friends get many credits for many hits.

The quick tab change allows you to surf 17 or more sites at once. After you click the correct image, you will press a button on your keyboard to move you to the next exchange (in the next tab)

Easyhits4u has a long timer. It won't matter because you'll be earning credits on the next 16 sites.

By the time you get back to Easyhits4u it will be time to click on the correct image again (timer will have hit zero)

You won't just sit there and wait. The end result will be that you earn 22 credits each minute that you do this

http://QuickTabChange.com/?rid=13387 or http://www.trafficbrowser.com/members/aff/go?r=359

It opens in a new tab. activate it so that when you click on the correct shape while surfing. You click on the shape using the mouse wheel (instead of CTRL + ALT) To go the the next tab

Open up EASYHITS4U (in a new tab) You will use easyhits4u to get a free splashpage as well (the HTML for this is at the bottom of this page)

Open up TRAFFIC G (in a new tab) http://trafficg.com/index.php?member=craziami

Open up WEBMASTERQUEST (in a new tab) http://webmasterquest.com/?ref=craziami

Open up HITLINK (in a new tab) http://www.hitlink.com/r/craziami

Open up COMMISSIONFUNNEL (in a new tab) http://CommissionFunnel.com/?r=70439

Open up HUNGRY FOR HITS (in a new tab) http://hungryforhits.com/downpost3.php?id=763

Open up NINJASURF (in a new tab) http://www.ninjasurf.net/?rid=1833

Open up TOPSURFER (in a new tab) http://topsurfer.com/index.cgi?referer=craziami

Open up SOTUK TRAFFIC (in a new tab) http://sotuktraffic.com/?rid=3395

Open up SIMPLY SURFING (in a new tab) http://simply-surfing.com/splashpage.php?splashid=8&rid=576

Open up XTREME SURF (in a new tab) http://xtremesurf.info/?ref=6234

Open up LISTSURFING (in a new tab) http://www.listsurfing.com/?rid=18806

Open up JUSTGOODTRAFFIC (in a new tab) http://justgoodtraffic.com/?rid=9737

Open up LEGACYHITS (in a new tab) http://legacyhits.com/?rid=58980

Open up STARTXCHANGE (in a new tab) http://www.startxchange.com/?referer=craziami

Open up LORDSOFLOTHAR (in a new tab) http://lordsoflothar.com/?rid=857

Open up TRAFFIC MARKETPLACE (in a new tab) http://trafficmarketplace.org/splashpage.php?splashid=14&rid=11089