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A big believer in helping others, especially people down on their luck, Laszlo supports the entrepreneur in all of us. He is no stranger to what works and what doesn't work on the Internet. Having spent years figuring out how to make money online, he’s created a system to help you. Here, let him tell his story in his own words:


"I created MegaSpooler because I wanted to live my dreams...and I believe that all people should live theirs too."


My name is Laszlo Horvath, founder of MegaSpooler. I bet you and I have A LOT in common.

Here’s why…

I was stuck in a vicious cycle of terrible finances all my life. I tried changing it by working with internet marketing programs. When things didn’t go as planned, I was left wondering why nothing worked for me even though I was dedicated, persistent and a fast learner.

Why was that?

The reason, quite simply: Most of these programs are SCAMS. In those few that do work, they don’t work very well so it’s nearly impossible to succeed-- no matter how persistent you are.

So I decided to create my own program…

I dreamed of a program where there was no competition. A program suitable for everybody from loners to leaders. One that is simple, hassle-free and fully automated. 
And that’s what MegaSpooler is.


How did I manage to do this?

  • First I had to realize that it wasn’t my fault that I wasn’t able to succeed.
  • Then, I understood that I had a lot of knowledge about the available programs...and if I could just take their advantages and discard the flaws, I could create a revolutionary system.
  • Next, I realized that I was the one to make it happen.
  • Finally, I made it happen and am offering this program to the world!

Megaspooler is my contribution to making the world a better place.


If you wish to join this amazing community, and make your dreams come true quickly, you can either go straight to the REGISTRATION page and don’t worry about anything else or if you need more information, you can go first to find out more about this unique program at the How it Works page.



How it works


When you join MegaSpooler, Youll find yourself quickly and easily experiencing a life of abundance. You must have heard the hype. Im here to tell you the hype is TRUE!


It 'no secret that people are making Thousands of dollars in online marketing.


I am one of those people making Thousands of dollars in online marketing, and I want to show you how to do the same. The opportunity to expand your network and income are incredible.


It does not matter how old you are or your education level. It does not matter where you live. No experience of any kind is necessary. 


With Megaspooler by your side, you will experience ...


A very low entry fee. (0.01 LOT = 12.50 US dollars). This is a one time payment. No hidden fees. No monthly payments.) 

Based on LOT. In other words, no government can take your money ... ever!

Free choice of where to register in the network:

  • to the highest available position (recommended for people that do not expect to register huge amounts of members)

  • under sponsor (recommended for leaders that expect to register Thousands of members)


Free reinvestments . As you upgrade, the system gradually creates new accounts for you - totaling 1000 new accounts after your 7th upgrade

Generous commissions:

  • 40% matching bonus from all purchases (upgrades) of your direct referrals (direct referrals are those who are registered through your registration link)

  • 40% commission from your secondary referrals upgrades to the level in which they appear in your network (secondary referrals are those who are brought to your network by the system)


Check out the table below to be blown away by how much you are gonna earn with us.


Everything is automatic . One of the things you are going to love about Megaspooler is that the whole thing is automatic. You do not need to worry about when to upgrade, when and how much to reinvest and how much you can Safely withdraw.

It is Forced Matrix 3x7 . (The system is placing new registered members according to the fixed pattern) - from up Downwards and from left to right. There is a fixed amount of positions in each level which prevents the members to add too many referrals in their first level and so support overall network building. So even if one does not find any referrals, members will fall in his network thanks to the ads of megaspooler and other leaders (that 's why there is no competition among the leaders and everybody is helping everybody, loners just have to wait a bit longer to see the results).

MegaSpooler is Perpetuum mobile for money . Our automatic setup prevents members to withdraw their entire earnings and so disturb the financial flow. You have guarantee that all your referrals will upgrade and reinvest.









If you want register, pay entry fee and get payments, you must create MS LOT BANK wallet.



Make very easy registration.





You will get confirmation e-mail after registration to Megaspooler. You must confirm registration. In this e-mail you find adress to send 0.01 LOT. Megaspooler acount will be active in few minutes.









You can buy LOT's in MS LOT BANK's Exchange. The exchange office is currently linked to Payeer 's wallet. In the future, he will also work with AdvCASH and Perfect Money.










MS LOT BANK - Create and use wallet



















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