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Surfing For Profit

Erik Gustafsson

My name is Erik Gustafsson and I am the author of this strategy.

And I would like to show you how you can use a very simple formula surfing for cash and leverage that into an ever growing residual income for yourself, without any startup costs.

This is how it works:

  1. Get Paid To Surf
  2. Earn More By Attracting Referrals
  3. Use The Cash To Upgrade And Profit When Your Referrals Do The Same

So let's start!

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1. Get Paid To Surf

A traffic exchange (TE) is a place where you are able to get web-traffic to your website using credits that you get in exchange for visiting other members websites. Some of these also offer cash as a reward for surfing and there are also other places that offer cash to have you send traffic to them, called PTP (Paid To Promote).

What I will show you here is how to use all of that with a specific formula to maximize your profits and then leverage that profit to make even more.

These are the tools that I recommend:

  1. Rotate4All
  2. NewWaySurf
  3. WebmasterQuest
  4. LeadsLeap
  5. TrafficAdBar
  6. EasyHits4U
  7. TrafficSwirl

Rotate4All is a PTP where you get cash (up to $0.24 for 1000 visits) for sending traffic to your ptp-link, and you are also able to surf for cash yourself, plus they also have a referral program that earns you 20% percent when your referrals do the same (at no extra cost to them, of course).

NewWaySurf is a TE where you get cash (starts at $0.1 for 1000 pages but can be upgraded) and credits for surfing and when your referrals surf, plus commissions on upgrades.

WebmasterQuest is a TE that gives you credits and random prizes for surfing and when your referrals surf up to 5 levels down, and you get commissions on all upgrades and purchases from you direct referrals.

LeadsLeap is sort of a combination of viral advertising, traffic exchange and social review, plus a lot of training and tools to make you a better marketer. You will get credits and a share in the daily profits for surfing websites and rating them. You can also get a share in the weekly profits by showing LeadsLeap ads to visitors, plus referral credits and commissions, credits can be earned up to 10 levels down.

TrafficAdBar is a TE where you surf for hits and points. The hits are delivered as traffic to your website and the points are used in the level ladder, the higher you get the more extra traffic you will get. You will also get rewarded when your referrals surf and earn commissions on upgrades.

EasyHits4U is a TE that rewards you with credits and cash ($0.3 for every 1000 pages) for surfing, plus bonuses while surfing that sometimes include cash. Credits for referrals can be earned up to 6 levels down and you also get a cash bonus when a new referral surf 100 pages ($0.1), plus commissions on some purchases. You can also complete offers for offer points that you can convert to upgrades, gets you upgraded quicker. This is the largest TE in the world.

TrafficSwirl is a TE where you surf for traffic credits, plus random rewards when surfing that sometimes include cash. You can also get tokens for viewing ads and other tasks that you can use to buy stuff in the marketplace (even upgrades, just do some high value tasks and you are ready to upgrade) and to put up your own token ads and tasks. You are also rewarded for the actions of your referrals, plus commissions on everything they buy that can be used to buy upgrades and tokens. 

Surfing For Cash

All these tools except TrafficAdBar and WebmasterQuest rewards you with cash for surfing in one way or another, so let's see how to best combine them to get the best results. But first let's talk about time.

It can be easy to just dive right in and surf as much as you possibly can, but the thing is, you will not be able to keep that up. Therefore it is very important to stop right here and now and analyze your situation.

How much time do you have? 1 hour? 5 hours?

Do you have ANY time? How much time can you take from something else?

When you have the answer to how much time that you are able to afford let's ask the next question.

How much time should YOU use?

The answer to this is different for everyone, because we are all different people, but it is exactly the amount of time that YOU are able to spend surfing day after day after day without burning yourself out. And the final question.

How much time WILL you use?

To get the answer to this just combine the time that you can afford with the time that you are able to keep up with on a continuous basis, and see where the lines cross. That's the amount of time that you WILL use for surfing.

Now that you have the time just open up your browser and start surfing that time, no more, no less.

First open up LeadsLeap and TrafficSwirl together and surf the ads in LeadLeap and do the token ads in TrafficSwirl. This is because they both require you to keep focus on the ad that you are viewing in order to count.

When that is done close LeadsLeap, and do the surfing ads in TrafficSwirl, and open up all the others, each in a different tab, and surf them all together to make the most of your efforts.

When you are done use the credits from NewWaySurf, WebmasterQuest, EasyHits4U and TrafficSwirl to send traffic to your Rotate4All ptp-link. Those are the ones that are allowed to send traffic to Rotate4All (so that you won't get invalid visits).

(Note: For some mysterious reason you need to reset the website statistics in NewWaySurf on a regular basis to not have the site deactivated.)

You will see that the amount of money that this makes is not that much but it will build up over time and there are still 2 more steps to this formula that combined with this first step will leverage your own efforts to make a lot more money, and the harder you work in the beginning the faster you will see it take off.

2. Earn More By Attracting Referrals

Getting referrals is not that hard, you just send traffic to your referral link and you will start to see them come in.

Attracting ACTIVE referrals, now that is another story, and believe me you DO want active referrals, and not just that but referrals that will STAY active.

There is really only just one secret to get active referrals, and that is to help them to succeed, to show them how to actually make money and answer all the questions that they might have regarding that.

Remember this: A referral that makes money NEVER quit.

There is also 2 things that you should never do. Never pay them to be active and never do THEIR work for them.

The best way to help them succeed is to share with them the same strategy that you are reading right now. That way they can read it for themselves and then decide if they want to use it and sign up as your referral.

Once they have a formula for success to follow they are much more motivated to become active and to stay active, because they are actually making money.

Now go to your EasyHits4U account and open up Easy Spash Builder and add a new site, then just write your own page just like this one, you don't have to know any coding.

To make it even easier I have made a file with all the code to my page, click here to download. You just extract the .zip archive and open it up in a text editor like Notepad and copy everything and then in Easy Splash Builder click Tools and Source code and just paste it all in the window that opens up. After that adjust all the details like photo, name and links to your peferences, and you're ready.

When your website is up and running send traffic to it from LeadsLeap and TrafficAdBar, they both have very responsive traffic, CTR (click-thru-rate). I also recommend that you make use of the social aspects of EasyHits4U called connections. Connect to other members and when they go to your profile to confirm the connection then have a message ready on your profile about your formula.

When you get enough credits in the other TE's to promote a second site then use that to also promote your website and speed things up. Token ads in TrafficSwirl is also very powerful, plus use the social aspects to make friends, but don't spam.

And once you are ready to add a third site then I suggest that you make use of Legacy Team Co-op. This is a traffic exchange co-op where you send traffic to your co-op link and get credits for that, and then you can use those credits to get traffic back to your website, from a multitude of different traffic exchanges (a TE for traffic exchanges).

You will start to see a few referrals coming in every week. Once they become active you will earn more cash and more traffic credits and this will speed up the process and you have created a feedback-loop that will just continue to grow.

3. Use The Cash To Upgrade And Profit When Your Referrals Do The Same

As your business continues to grow you will get more and more cash flowing in and soon you will see that you are able to use that money to upgrade. Upgrading means that you will earn even more credits and cash for the actions of your referrals and on top of that you will also get a higher commission when they upgrade. So to have your business continue to grow even faster upgrading is very important, and when your referrals start to do the same the upgrades will actually pay it's own bills, and then profit.

In order to make the most money from these upgrades I suggest that you upgrade in the order that they are listed on this website and that you recommend the same to your referrals. That way you will most likely upgrade before your referrals and therefore earn a higher commission when they do.

Rotate4All does not have any upgrades but NewWaySurf does and that's also the one that have the cheapest upgrades, making it easier to reach. Once you are upgraded there and your cash flow reaches the point that you are able to support another upgrade then go to the next on the list and continue like that until they are all fully upgraded.

You can cash out to Paypal, Payza or SolidTrustPay. And you can then use that money to pay for the upgrades, some even let you pay with internal funds. For your long term profit I recommend that you go with the highest upgrades, they have the most benefits to offer and will make you the most money over time.

Once you are all upgraded it will not take long until you will have over the top profits from every direction, and you can take out some of it for yourself.


Surfing for Profit

Get your own free banner like this at Fuglybanners.com and then some of the tools have a banner-section where you can use it, and you can even get some free impressions.

You can also make it go viral by submitting it to vTrafficRush, and then make another ad in your TE's to promote your viral link. I would also suggest that you take the time to click the viral grid, the cash rewards are actually worth you time, you can do that together with your LeadsLeap ads and TrafficSwirl token ads.

Thank You!

I hope that you have found this information helpful and to your benefit. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me and I will try to help you as best I can.

Good Luck!
Erik Gustafsson
Get Paid For Your Time (My blog)